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The deliciously peachy, tropical citrus flavours should make this a Hardy perennial. Beautiful pale-straw colour and a brilliant blend of citrus and oak make this a fabulous glass filler! Great with chicken dishes like Mexican enchiladas.

More about this product;

When Aussie wine pioneer Thomas Hardy started blending grapes 150 years ago, he could never have imagined that his wines would be this good! In this Crest blend, the Chardonnay brings the fresh lime and tropical-fruit aromas  (with a good handful of white peaches) to the party, while the touch of creamy citrus comes from the Semillon. There’s oakiness in there too, adding a bit of ‘heft’, meaning you’ll have no problem pairing this up with chicken-based Mexican food like enchiladas and tortillas – not too heavy on the chillies, mind.

Thomas Hardy’s pioneering spirit and passion for winemaking spans five generations and is at the heart of our outstanding range of Hardys Wines.

This range of wines was created to honour Sir James, a fourth generation of the Hardys family, and have been expertly crafted by our winemakers to create wines that are rich and full-bodied with good depth of flavour.