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VINEYARDS & YIELDS – Special selection of 35-50 year-old vineyards with some parcels in Rioja Alta that
are 65-85 years old. Very low yields with a maximum of 33 hl/ha and less than 15 hl/ha in those parcels
that are 65 years plus. The Tempranillo comes from vineyards planted at various altitudes (400-620
metres above sea level) from different zones within the Cenicero boundary,
Elciego and Laguardia, which confer complexity. The Garnacha Tinta is selected from vineyards located in Rioja Alta, specifically
Cenicero and Nájera, with respective altitudes of 650m and 500m, so as to achieve finesse, freshness and, at the same time, good structure.
The Graciano is selected mainly in Elciego, where the grapes offer unique character: exquisiteness, style, brio and colour.

SOIL – Mainly clay and limestone.

PREDOMINANT CLIMATE – Mild, Atlantic climate with marked seasons.

HARVEST – 100% manual, parcel by parcel.

VINIFICATION – The grapes are de-stemmed and crushed. Alcoholic fermentation at controlled
temperatures, starting off at 10°C to reach 28ºC. Prolonged alcoholic maceration
with the skins up to 30 days to extract more colour, aromas and tannic structure.
Malolactic fermentation in new French oak barrels or in stainless-steel tanks,
depending on the batches. Once this process has finalised, the wines are put into
barrels for ageing with racking every 6 months.

TOTAL TIME IN BARREL – 24-26 months, depending on the origin of the vineyards and if the new French oak
barrels are being used for their first or second wine.

AGEING IN BOTTLE – 4 years minimum before release.

TASTING NOTES – Intense colour with ruby-red on the edge turning slightly brick-red. The bouquet
combines stewed fruit, purple plums, balsamic notes and refined oak with a depth
of clove. Nice body in the mouth where mature tannins delight with fresh, lively
notes to give a silky fullness. Long-lasting flavours and superb potential for ageing.

Serve at 17ºC.
ABV: 14%.