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Hardys is like BMW or Audi but with an Aussie soul. Brilliantly engineered wine, blended by experts and consistently delicious. Lovely ripe plum and berry flavours, with a stylish hint of chocolate make this perfect for hearty stews or roast beef.

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There are lots reasons why Hardys is the number one selling Aussie wine in the UK but the bottom line is this: you’ll never have a bad bottle of Hardys. For generations they’ve taken the finest grapes and expertly blended them to make sure that every year their wines taste as delicious as the last. This stunning blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot is a case in point. It’s a real crowd pleaser that gets rave reviews from customers and wine experts alike. Balanced and smooth, it’s got lovely ripe plum and rich berry flavours, with a hint of vanilla, chocolate and oak. If you like roast beef, a nice steak, maybe a hearty stew and even good old bangers and mash with gravy, then you’ll enjoy them all the more with a glass or two of this beauty.

Thomas Hardy’s pioneering spirit and passion for winemaking spans five generations and is at the heart of our outstanding range of Hardy’s Wines.

This range of wines was created to honour Sir James, a fourth generation of the Hardys family, and have been expertly crafted by our winemakers to create wines that are rich and full-bodied with good depth of flavour.


Wine of South Eastern Australia