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If you have a glass of Shiraz in your hands, you know that you have before you a potent variety with black fruit, full body, and low astringency. Its deep red color recalls the legend of its Persian origins; its ripe blackberry and plum aromas give way to cedar, chocolate, and a light touch of toast. A round yet muscular wine with soft tannins, balanced fruit, and toasted oak.

APPELLATION – Rapel Valley.

SOIL – Riverbench and benchland associated soils.

AGEING – Aged in American oak barrels during 9 months.

COLOUR – Beautiful and attractive dark and deep purple.

NOSE – Its elegant and fresh fruit -black cherries and ripe blackberries- is very well
integrated with the wood. Spices, cedar and chocolate notes, plus a lightly
toasted hint..

PALATE – Full bodied, round, strikes a nice balance between fruit and the toasted
notes from the wood. Soft and sweet tannins finishing with lively acidity
balanced the intense range of flavours.

FOOD PAIRING – Perfect with spicy foods, red meats or lamb based dishes