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This native of Bordeaux, France is elegant by nature, featuring smooth tannins and expressing freshness and sweetness. In its Merlot, Casillero del Diablo captured all this elegance in a smooth wine with low astringency and aromas of blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries, complemented by notes of chocolate, vanilla, and blackcurrants.

APPELLATION – Central Valley.

SOIL – Riverbench and benchland associated soils.

AGEING – Aged in American oak barrels.

COLOUR – Intense red purple.

NOSE – Excellent typical Merlot where we find above all notes of cherries
accompanied by licorice, complemented by subtle touches of vanilla and
toffee given by the American barrels.

PALATE – Silky and friendly from the beginning with elegant and balanced finish. The
body is medium and the fresh black fruit makes this wine very balanced
and pleasant.

FOOD PAIRING – Italian cuisine not spicy and rich in tomato sauces. White meat garnished
with creamy sauces and/or soft cheeses.