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An incredible CONVERGENCE

The incredible. It’s not just an adjective.
It’s an action… a process… an evolution … like the creation of our ultra-clean, smooth and delicious Russian Standard Vodka. A vodka that is the result of a complex convergence of science and nature, craft and technology, history and revolution.

Perfect BALANCE – We draw our inspiration from the work of Russia’s most famous scientist, Dmitri Mendeleev. Inventor of the Periodic Table, Professor Mendeleev’s philosophy on equilibrium and natural order led to the identification of the perfect balance between water and
alcohol, which underpinned the original Russian Empire Standard set by Tsar Alexander III in 1894.

An accident of GEOGRAPHY ? – Dmitri Mendeleev’s dedication to science and our passion for vodka making converge in every bottle of Russian Standard Vodka, lovingly produced in their shared hometown of St Petersburg, the Venice of the North. It’s not just the home of Russian Standard by chance. To begin with, it has an incalculable advantage…

Pure & soft GLACIAL WATER – St Petersburg stands close to Lake Ladoga, whose soft waters of glacial origin are perfectly suited for use in vodka that sets new standards. Lake Ladoga water contains very few impurities. Its vast granite basin, created by glaciers in the last Ice Age, preserves the softness of the water.

Finest Russian WINTER WHEAT – Not much further away lies the rich black soil of the Russian Steppes, where our winter wheat is grown. Nothing less than the finest food quality grain is selected, which contributes to the unique sensory profile and taste of our vodka.

Naturally MODERN – These natural ingredients are then brought together at our state-of-the art distillery in St Petersburg, where they pass through a proprietary distillation process more than 200 times to arrive at a state of near-celestial purity and smoothness.

Ultra-clean, smooth & DELICIOUS – And so we come to where it all converges. Unstrained nature. Cutting-edge technology. All condensed into a single moment of pure pleasure. This is Vodka as it Should Be