808 Single Grain Scotch Whiskey 70cl

Working with artisan and award-winning distillers Jonathan Driver and David Rae, the 808 team set about designing a grain Whisky that would work both as a substantive drink in itself and as a perfect mixer.

The Whisky created is maize-based. Unlike the traditional and more familiar barley-based Whiskies, 808 is lighter, subtler and with a smoother flavour. It feels youthful and exciting, a refreshing change from the heavier malts a lot of young people attribute to Whisky.

808 can be enjoyed how you wish. Neat, with a classic Whisky mixer, even with red bull or coconut water, the subtle flavours allow you to enjoy 808 Whisky how you want to.
“I think this is a brilliant way of getting people into the Scotch category. It has a lovely creaminess, but still has those sets of flavours that set it apart from a white spirit. It gets to play in a lot of arenas that white spirits get to play in, which is difficult for aged spirits. I love whisky but it’s a very different thing to be in a busy bar or club and still have ways to enjoy an amazing whisky and this is what’s so fun about 808”.

Ryan Chetiyawardana, aka Mr Ryan, 2015 International Barman of Year (Tales of the Cocktail)

808. Born from the Beat, Raised in the Barrel. #whiskyremixed

TommyD (Tommy Danvers) is a music producer, songwriter and DJ, working with some of the World’s most famous artists. From a young age whisky has been his drink of choice and finally brought his two great passions together. 808 Whisky firmly has its roots in the music scene, served and enjoyed in some of the prestigious clubs and venues in the world.

Its subtle flavours and lighter feel lend itself perfectly for cocktails and the party scene, where it’s become a firm favourite, especially amongst the top DJ’s and Barmen of Ibiza, London and beyond. 808 is perfect not just neat, or Tommys favourite ‘on the rocks’

It’s amazing in cocktails, the best mixable whisky in the world, which is born out by the 50 plus recipes that include 808 in some of the most prestigious cocktail bars in the world. Check out the website for cocktail ideas.

In Tommy’s words: ‘808 brings people together. It’s a sociable drink. It loosens the tongue, inspires conversation. Like the best music it has warmth, bottom end, and a definite kick. It cuts through the melée, and lets itself be known. You know where you are with an 808, there’s a statement going on.’