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The most well known of all the Irish whiskeys is Paddy whiskey. But less well known, is the fact that this delightful whiskey was named after a gregarious sales representative for Cork Distilleries Company called Paddy Flaherty.

Paddy Flaherty’s legacy lives on in the whiskey which was named after him in 1912. Find out more about the man behind the legend

Cork Distilleries Company
Cork Distilleries Company was founded in 1877 and had a number of distilling sites in the Cork city area. The distillery used the finest local grown barley and pure water from tributaries of the river Lee to distill world class whiskeys. The walls of the distillery still stand in Cork today in the area known as North Mall.

In 1882, a young Patrick J. O’Flaherty joined the Cork Distilleries Company as a traveller. Paddy covered an area stretching from Youghal to Mallow selling the rather unwieldy named ‘Cork Distilleries Company Old Irish Whiskey’.