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Only two Master Distillers have had the privilege
of preserving the legacy of the world’s most sought-after
Irish W hiskey, Barry Crockett and Brian Nation. Created in
1984 by Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett, Midleton Very
Rare is the ultimate expression of his art and expertise. Once
a year, Master Distiller, Brian Nation honours Barry’s vision
by handpicking only the finest and rarest whiskeys from the
Midleton Distillery warehouses and carefully blends them
to create each annual vintage of Midleton Very Rare.
Each bottle is individually numbered and signed by the
Master Distiller, the mark of a true whiskey masterpiece.
Midleton Very Rare is consistently awarded the highest
honours at the world’s most respected whisky awards.

What makes midleton very rare the pinnacle of irish Whiskey?

The individual nature of the selection process means
that each year’s vintage provides its own unique character. The
Midleton Very Rare range is not blended like any other whiskey.
The uncompromising ritual and expertise of the Master Distiller
leads to subtle but recognisable differences between the years.
Midleton Very Rare was first created in 1984 as an example
of excellence in Irish W hiskey and it has retained this post
ever since. A combination of the magic of Midleton Distillery
and the highest quality liquid and wood makes this whiskey
one of a kind. Each vintage’s limited quantities herald it
a true collector’s item.
From the very first bottle, Midleton Very Rare
whiskeys have always had a close and personal association
with the Master Distiller, whose signature adorns every bottle
ever released. Its creator, Barry Crockett, is a true Irish W hiskey
legend, and his father Max Crockett lead the way as Master
Distiller before him. In fact Barry was born and grew up
in the Master Distiller’s House on the Midleton Distillery
grounds. This deep history and heritage is one of the
many reasons Midleton Very Rare is seen as the
original prestige whiskey of Ireland.

Tasting Notes

vanilla sweetness with a light floral
perfume. some citrus zest combines with
fresh herbs and sweet spices complimented
by a touch of black pepper and charred oak.
mouth-coating sweetness of vanilla,
cinnamon and clove, enriched with a hint
of green apple and unripe banana. peppery
pot still spices, along with charred
american oak, add complexity.
soft sweet spices fade leisurely leaving the
final say to the charred oak and barley grains