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hand crafted in small batches on the grounds of the Listoke Estate in the heart of the Boyne Valley in Co. Louth. The distillery is located in a converted stable on the grounds of the estate. The Gin is made in small batches of 350 litres at a time. It is bottled, labeled and sealed all by hand. The Distillers have done their best to protect and maintain the grounds of the Estate which have been around for many centuries. The water for the spirit is sourced from a well on the estate and state of the art technology is used to distil this magical liquid.

A robust and well-rounded gin with a bold taste. Jasmine provides a tree worth of blossom on the nose. Juniper appears immediately while citrus notes remain across the entire delivery. Cardamom and rowan berries provide a perfect amount of spice and heat that linger long after the last sip.

LISTOKE 1777 GIN can be enjoyed neat or with ice and a simple peel of the skin of an orange. It has been designed as a sipping gin. Also, served with a glass of ice and a premium tonic and again a peel of the orange. It stands its ground firmly in classic gin cocktails such as a White Lady, Negroni and Italian Gin Fizz.