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Jawbox Pineapple & Ginger With Mug Gift Pack

Good things have a way of coming together.

Take our classic Jawbox gin, add some fiery ginger spice and finish with the intense flavour of pineapple. Yes pineapple.
Our Jawbox Pineapple and Ginger Gin Liqueur is expertly balanced, the perfect combination of sweet and spice, married with the unique botanicals of our classic gin.

The Pineapple & Ginger
you will need…

  • 50ml Jawbox Pineapple And Ginger Gin Liqueur
  • 100ml Ginger Ale
  • 1 Lime Wedge
  • Ice
1. Pour the Jawbox Pineapple And Ginger Gin Liqueur into an ice filled glass.
2. Top up with some Premium Ginger Ale.
3. Squeeze and drop in a Wedge of Lime.