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There’s an unmistakable romance about bridges. Lovers meet there. Hopes and dreams are carried across every day. There’s also something miraculous about standing above a flowing river, or stepping purposely across it from one bank to the other. In short, bridges don’t just connect places; they connect people.

Constructed in 1816, the Ha’Penny Bridge is a true Dublin icon – a masterpiece of Victorian design and engineering recognised throughout the world as a symbol of a unique and special city.

Small batch pot distilled using only the finest botanicals, inspired by the Victorian Walled Garden of the Phoenix Park, Dublin. The infusion of 13 unique botanicals gives Ha’penny Gin a little taste of Dublin perfection.

Nose: Juniper, coriander and slight citrus

Palate: Subtly sweet, juniper, slight citrus & floral

Finish: Juniper, floral, orange, fresh berries & lingering sweetness