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As it happens, the 18th Century gave us inspiration beyond our name. It inspired our bottles, which are an unusual shape but that’s because they’re based on the first gin bottles (known as “case gin”).

Each bottle of Fifty Pounds Gin also bears its individual distillation batch number BATCH Nº 01/17 , together with the year that it was distilled.

Perhaps more importantly, the 18th Century inspired our traditional, highly specialised distillation method. This means our production is small – the yield is approximately one thousand bottles from each batch.

Our gin takes time – patience is a virtue, after all – but we feel the superior quality makes it all worthwhile. Happily, gin lovers and the world’s leading bartenders, mixologists and drinks writers agree.

Tasting Notes

Appearance – It’s colourless in appearance “water white”, if you will – with spirit tails on the side of the glass.

Bouquet – On the nose, it’s classic in character, with a predominant bouquet of juniper and coriander, balanced by its citrus and spice notes.

Taste – On the palate Fifty Pounds Gin is smooth but complex, opening with juniper, but followed by the citrus constituents, and a hint of spice and earthiness. This gives way to a long, fresh finish, that’s clean, dry and with a touch of heat.
It’s ideal to be mixed with tonic or to star in a dry Martini – but can also be enjoyed neat.